O’Brien Screamer, Yeah Baby!

Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter, I mean really!  I’m not sure what you think it is; but for me it involved a lake, motor boat, a lot of coercion and a huge flotation device called, The O’Brien Screamer!  And that is exactly what I did, scream! 

It’s not  everyday your best options are to either:

 A.  Hang on to an inflatable tube going 30 miles per hour praying you don’t loose your bathing suit . -OR- 

B.  Give in to the shear exhaustion, let go all the while knowing your fate is to be launched like a human rock skipping across the top of the water for who knows how long. 

I choose option A and am happy to report I once again, lived to tell about it.

This is a piece of cake, go faster!Whatever you do don't let go!Me catching air on the O'Brien ScreamerStop I have had enough!

I actually wasn’t even going to post about this until I saw these pictures and confirmed that I did in fact, catch air!!  How rad is that?   Anyway, my O’Brien Screamer experience may not been a been a planned ‘momME-adventure’, but I hope you will all agree that it definitely qualifies. 


NYC Trapeze School…..check!

So my first “momME-adventure” was a success, or should I say I lived to tell about it.  These days, that equals success in my book!

New York Trapeze School, how do I love thee (or not), let me count the ways……

First,  love was lost for thee…

1.  Because the waist belts were so freakin’ tight I felt like a Medieval mistress in a corset.

2.  Because chalk is not friendly to a girls skin or black clothing.

For these reasons, my tips for the future ‘momMe-adventure”, trapeze artists are to make sure you go to the bathroom ahead of time and wear white, even if it is before Memorial Day.

Second, I LOVE thee…

1. For your location (rooftop of Pier 40 on the Hudson River in NYC…..amazing views!)

2.  For your price (only $60 for 2 hours)

3.  Because the instructors were strong and looked good in tights (NOT!)

4.  Because although I missed the initial instruction while we were in the bathroom (reference tip above), we were afforded a recap (sort of, but who needs lessons, just go for it…… right?)

5. For the the adrenaline rush I got each time I climbed up to the platform and leaped off! Holy #$@&!!!!!!

6.  Because I was able to pull off each “skill” (knee hang, knee hang to back flip, knee hang to upside-down splits and the finale…knee hang to being caught by an instructor on the opposite trapeze!!).  Ok, I love “ME” for that part.

7. Because after a few post “momME-adventure” glasses of vino, I was (and still am) confident that the Big Apple Circus may come a-callin’ and  to be honest, I just might answer.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know your feedback.

Be Well,


Active Urban Mom

New York, NY


I am Active Urban Mom and I am giving “ME” time a make over!

Attention ALL Moms:

So, I know we all love our kids and enjoy, or maybe even live to, take care of them.  I know I do.  Whether it be taking our babies to yet another Music Together class, play dates, playgrounds, helping with homework if you have older kids, making meals, diapering, bathing, cuddling or at times, yelling (just being honest).  We should all feel very proud for all we do as Moms and we know that, easy to forget at times, but we do know it.  But we should also take time for ourselves and be proud of that too.

We have heard it all before, how important it is for moms take “ME” time.  Now that I am a mom, any “ME” time I have is taken up by running errands easier done w/o baby in tow, working out, trying to get my company of the ground or better yet; going to those doctor’ appointments I have been pushing off.  All necessary, but where is the fun…where’s the “ME”??

That said, here is my proposal and my commitment:  Go on at least 1 “momME-adventure” per month (in NYC or anywhere for that matter).  Go on more if possible, but let’s be realistic; we still need to get to the dentist at some piont.

When planning your “momME-adventures” be creative, do things that you maybe would have done pre-kids that you tell yourself you just should not do now that you are a mom.  Who says???  Or simply do something that is a little out of  your comfort zone.  Let’s get that feeling of freedom back without feeling the least bit guilty about it.  Let’s learn something new, that you do not learn from reading, “Your Child’s First Year”!  Let’s get a little crazy (w/o getting arrested)….I know it is in all of us!!

My first official “momME-adventure” is set for Wednesday, May 20th when I will be getting high!  No it is not what you think.  Two girlfriends and I are taking a trapeze flying lesson at the New York Trapeze School!!  I have wanted to try this for so long and am finally taking an evening to do it (followed by a couple cocktails I am sure).

I will have pictures to share and offer a full report after this “momMe-adventure” and plan to do the same for all others I go on.  I hope all of you will follow my experiences via CafeMom, give me your thoughts and questions.

Better yet, send me your ideas for potential “momME-adventures” and I will do my best to try as many as I can.  Are you on board?

Good luck (wish me luck), have fun and book your first ‘”momME-adventure” soon!