This page highlights events or happenings Mommy Mitten and Active Urban Mom are involved in.
April 10 – 11: Baby & Toddler Expo, Oaks, PA
April 10 – 11:  Baby Bonanza & Kids Expo, Columbus, OH
April 24 – 25: Baby Bonanza & Kids Expo, Cleveland, OH
April 24:  Bumps, Babies & Beyond Expo, Stamford, CT
April 24 – 25:  Baby Expo, Albany, NY
Nov 11th: Baby Bites Event “Essential Tips and Products for New Moms” – Mommy Mitten will be a co-sponsor for this fun event.  If you are one of the first 50 to sign up to attend, you will receive a FREE Mommy Mitten!
Oct 30th5th Annual Divalyssicious Halloween Bash @ Dylan’s Candy Bar – Attend for your chance to win a FREE Mommy Mitten in the event raffle!
Oct 6th: big city moms Biggest Baby Shower event – 25 Mommy Mittens to be given away at this exclusive event!  To RSVP email or (917) 488-8542.
Oct 3rd – 4th: the Baby Show NYC – Mommy Mitten will be making its NYC debut as an exhibitor at this 2 day baby products show in Manhattan.

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