Bull or Bear?

And I am not talking about the Market!

So my husband and I have ‘date night’ most Wednesday’s when my mother in-law comes in to hang with B.  Usually we end up picking a neighborhood and then finding a restaurant that sounds good in that area.  Some Wednesday’s we keep it to just him and I and sometimes we will go out with friends.  All of whom are well aware of our Wednesday night availability and do anything they can to meet us out when called upon.  Love you guys!  No matter what we end up doing, we have a great night, good food and of course, drinks.

This leads me to tell you about my last ‘momME-adventure’.  On a recent date night, we met for dinner close to his new office.  In fact, I will give the place a free ‘momME-plug’ and go so far as to say that you should check it out.  It was the bar that is in the Shoreham Hotel on W. 55th http://www.shorehamhotel.com/bar.asp.  Yummy!  The drinks must have been pretty damn good too based on what followed.  If you had to guess, Bull or Bear?

Need a hint, ok then cue video……    

You have to admit I stayed on that raging machine for a good amount of time.  And, if you listen carefully, many that were there to witness (thankfully all strangers) agreed.    Did you happen to catch the random John shouting “ride it girl!” ?   Nice right?    B would be so proud of her mommy!

I have to give credit to my husband for taking me to Johnny Utah’s where this ‘momME-adventure’ ensued.  It allowed me to finally partake in one of my super secret life long dreams.  Just kidding, but this could have very well been my fate had I not gotten the hell out of Kissimmee, FL where I spent most of my formative years.  I may have to give him credit for that too, or at least he says I should.

Regardless, my mom has always said that you can take a girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl.  Maybe you’re right mom!

Now, what to do next?


Cirque du So Sore!

My latest  and 4th ‘momME-adventure’ took place on Wednesday at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (MMAC) on W. 60th between West End and Amsterdam.

The hints: Silk rope, high ceilings and form fitting clothes.

The guesses:  Some form of new yoga,  ballet and my personal favorite and possible future ‘momME-adventure’, stripping!!   All good guesses, but……

The answer:  Cirque du Soleil style Aerial Dance class!!  I have to admit, this was the most physically challenging and frustrating ‘momME-adventure’ yet.

The story:  Class was to start at 11:30 AM in Studio 2 of the MMAC.  Ariel Dance class - 1I made sure I got there in plenty of time so I could use the bathroom without walking in late (feel free to reference my first ‘momME-adventure’  Trapeze School experience).

While waiting in the hallway, there were a couple young girls with their moms next to me.  I assumed they were waiting to take the ballet class happening in the parallel studio.  I was wrong.  These young, graceful beauties were waiting to take the same Aerial Dance class I was.  Wait a minute…where were all the other daring thirty-somethings? Not here, that was for sure.  Hmmmm, this should be interesting.

Ariel Dance class - 2 When it was time, I entered the studio and there “it” was in all its glory.  By “it” I mean the flowing   blue silk curtain-like ropes hanging from the ceiling, a very high ceiling.  No time to rethink this one as we were immediately instructed by our teacher, Ivo, to stretch.  So stretch we did.  The young girls able to go into full splits, while I could only explain, “I used to be able to do that, honest.”   How was it that within 2 minutes of class I was already being one-uped by these girls who could not have been more then 13 years old.    Not to worry I told myself.   I was confident I would redeem myself once we took to the sky.

Before I go on, I feel I should describe our teacher, Ivo.  He was exactly how I envisioned an instructor of this acrobatic genre to be like.   He wasn’t a big guy, but he was very fit with a strong accent appropriate for a Cirque du Soleil acrobat turned instructor.   He demanded your attention without demanding it.  Well ok, he did demand it, but that’s what we paid for right?    Although he was stern with his instruction and seemingly annoyed at times, he was also charming and funny in his own way.  I even got him to laugh a little, even if it was because he was laughing at me and not with me.  Is he single you ask?  I’m not sure, but if I go back for more (which I just may have to), I will ask him and let all the single ladies reading this know.

Back to the story.  We continued to warm up by doing various hand stand positions and even cart wheels.  Piece of cake I thought as I was happy to be holding my own.    I mean these young girls didn’t know who they were dealing with.   Ha, ha the joke was on me.

After the warm up, Ivo kicked it up a notch and introduced us to the silk curtain.  I will attempt to creatively name and summarize each skill below.

1.  Silk Rope Shimmy (sorry no photo) – To pull oneself up a silk curtain using your arms while wrapping your right foot just so to obtain the most leverage possible while ensuring you can unwrap  and re-wrap it as you move further up the rope.   Not so easy and this was only the beginning.  Not sure about any of you, but anytime I shimmy up anything (which is daily…..ah never), I feel like I am going to pee myself from the straining.   Thankfully I didn’t and I made it to the top and repelled down successfully.

2.  Wrist Wrap to Upside down Sideways Back Bend (sorry no photo, thank god!)- To tightly wrap ones wrists and hands with silk curtains so one can flip oneself upside down only to allow ones body to contort in such a way that ones vertebrae would scream every four letter word in the book if they could.  Since my vertebrae do not have the verbal skills necessary to do this, I made sure I did it for them.  Sorry for the language girls, but what the #$%@!!!

3.    Low Hanging Splits to Opposite Low Hanging Splits (enjoy the photo) –   To wrap ones ankles, again, in a silk curtain, to support ones body weight as one willingly (or not) drops into a full split using ones arm strength to prohibit one from breaking in half.  Enough said.

Ariel Dance class - 3

4.  Fairy Takes Flight? (enjoy the photo) – To wrap ones arms in a silk curtain in such a way to support ones full body weight while trying to count five graceful steps in a flowing circle to then lift both legs, right leg in front and left in back;  while keeping your head and eyes facing the center resulting in a what should look like a fairy flying among whimsical creatures.    More like a drunk dyslexic Hobbit is what I must of looked like.  Ariel Dance class - 5

In summary, I did the best I could but Ivo and the youngsters kicked my ass.  By 1:00 PM when the class ended my arms were jelly.   I was proud that I made it through and tried everything, but the athlete in me was pissed that I did not do better.  I took this class as a one time drop-in but may just have to go back to redeem myself.  Not just for me, but for all other adventurous mommy thirty-somethings.  For now, I am convinced that curtains are meant for windows, not for recreational activity.

Oh….. I have to give a shout-out to one of the young girls in my class who snapped the few pictures I shared with you.  I wish there were more.  Actually no I don’t.

Could Kelly Ripa be my new BFF?

For this ‘momME-adventure’ or shall I say  ‘momME-inventor-adventure’, I changed things up a bit.  No daring physical feats in water or in the air for that matter.  This time, I laid even more on the line, my dreams.  Here why:

I got an email a few weeks back announcing that Kelly Ripa and her husband, so cute by the way, were producing a show on TLC for Women Inventors.  The open casting call would be held on June 9th – 10th and all women who show up would get a chance to give a 30 second product pitch.  If you knocked their socks off, you would then be invited to stay and give a 2 minute product demo which would be video taped!   What’s on the line you ask?  Those that they end up casting will not only make the show but they will have a chance to get their product sold on HSN!    I was more than syked because this opportunity was very timely.  I’ve been in the process of taking a product I created called, Mommy Mitten, to market for the past year and a half.  Could this be my golden ticket?Close up of Mommy Mitten

Here’s what transpired….

The plan was to go to the casting call on Tuesday, June 9th.  I had gotten word that Kelly Ripa was going to be making an appearance at noon that day.  I figured if I was going to do this, why not try to meet her as well.  The evening of June 8th rolls around and I had been practicing both my 30 second pitch and the 2 minute demo for my husband and was feeling pretty good about things when I went to bed.  Then in the morning, I started getting nervous and realized how badly I actually wanted this.  Although meeting Kelly Ripa would have been cool, I decided that one more day of prep was needed.  I was now committed to June 10th.

Me & Kelly at the casting

My mother in-law Rona (aka: Grandma RoRo), comes in on Wednesdays to hang out with Blakely, our 22 mth old so we asked her to come the night prior.  This way Jared (hubby, moral support, biggest fan, best friend) and I could get an early start.  We got to the DoubleTree Hotel on the East Side around 9:15 AM and headed to the room where all the aspiring female inventors were gathering.

This was so cool, I was actually here and doing this!   Jared made himself at home in the back of the room (thank god for Blackberry’s) and I started to mingle.  We were directed to line up soon after our arrival to register, get our mug shot taken and assigned a number which would be called when it was our turn to give our 30 second pitch.  Mine was #143.

As I waited, I met some really amazing women, saw some great inventions and some not so great.  Not sure who would want to buy a pair of water resistant, stain resistant & reversible panties, but hey you never know I guess.  There were some very interesting characters there as I am sure you can imagine.  Not quite the same type of crowd American Idol attracts, but interesting still the same.  Oh and I must give a shout out to the 3 or 4 nicely dressed transvestites who brought their wares for review.  I mean, it called for women inventors, so I guess they count right?

Number 143….shit that’s me!!!  Ok, deep breath.  I got a kiss from Jared and off I went into the room to lay it all out there.   I guess I did good because the fun, easy going guy that was vetting the 30 second pitches seemed to love what I said, so I got the GREEN TICKET!!!!

My GREEN Ticket!!

My GREEN Ticket!!

Wooo Hoooo!!  That meant I could stay to give my video taped 2 minute demo later in the day!  Wow, could this be happening???

4 hours, a turkey sandwich and about 5 bathroom trips later, my number was called yet again.  I went into the room with as much energy I cold muster without seeming annoying (or on something).  I was hoping it did not show that I was freaking out inside.  No time for nerves as they miked me up & asked me to test  it.  That is when, for better or for worse, I busted out with a little beat boxing.   Not what I had planned, but, oh well.   Then with cameras rolling, lights shining…… 3, 2, 1….

“Hi My name is Amy. I live in NY with my husband and 22 mth old daughter and I created a product called, Mommy Mitten…..”

Mommy Mitten on stroller

The 2 minutes flew by, they asked me a couple follow up questions and then…..I got a high five from the lady running the show!!  They said that I did great and Mommy Mitten was “a really great product, really great!”  Even the dude that was casting said he was a dad and he would use it in a heart beat!  OMG!  I guess they could have said that to everyone, but either way, it sure was a validating experience.  I left the room, collected my hubby and we headed to the bar hence the late night Tweet I sent out that evening :).

What’s next?  Well, the casting crew now heads to Chicago and LA and in 8 weeks, give or take, they will be contacting the women that have been selected.  If one they choose happens to be me and my Mommy Mitten, then I could be selling it on HSN!  At that point I think I could officially cash in my green ticket for that golden one.  For now, I will plug away on getting things finalized and ready for my official product launch set for the end of the Summer, just in time for Fall.  To keep me on track, my baby girl when asked what is going to send her to college, actually says “Mama Mitten!!”  No pressure there 🙂

Finger crossed and stay tuned.

O’Brien Screamer, Yeah Baby!

Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter, I mean really!  I’m not sure what you think it is; but for me it involved a lake, motor boat, a lot of coercion and a huge flotation device called, The O’Brien Screamer!  And that is exactly what I did, scream! 

It’s not  everyday your best options are to either:

 A.  Hang on to an inflatable tube going 30 miles per hour praying you don’t loose your bathing suit . -OR- 

B.  Give in to the shear exhaustion, let go all the while knowing your fate is to be launched like a human rock skipping across the top of the water for who knows how long. 

I choose option A and am happy to report I once again, lived to tell about it.

This is a piece of cake, go faster!Whatever you do don't let go!Me catching air on the O'Brien ScreamerStop I have had enough!

I actually wasn’t even going to post about this until I saw these pictures and confirmed that I did in fact, catch air!!  How rad is that?   Anyway, my O’Brien Screamer experience may not been a been a planned ‘momME-adventure’, but I hope you will all agree that it definitely qualifies. 


NYC Trapeze School…..check!

So my first “momME-adventure” was a success, or should I say I lived to tell about it.  These days, that equals success in my book!

New York Trapeze School, how do I love thee (or not), let me count the ways……

First,  love was lost for thee…

1.  Because the waist belts were so freakin’ tight I felt like a Medieval mistress in a corset.

2.  Because chalk is not friendly to a girls skin or black clothing.

For these reasons, my tips for the future ‘momMe-adventure”, trapeze artists are to make sure you go to the bathroom ahead of time and wear white, even if it is before Memorial Day.

Second, I LOVE thee…

1. For your location (rooftop of Pier 40 on the Hudson River in NYC…..amazing views!)

2.  For your price (only $60 for 2 hours)

3.  Because the instructors were strong and looked good in tights (NOT!)

4.  Because although I missed the initial instruction while we were in the bathroom (reference tip above), we were afforded a recap (sort of, but who needs lessons, just go for it…… right?)

5. For the the adrenaline rush I got each time I climbed up to the platform and leaped off! Holy #$@&!!!!!!

6.  Because I was able to pull off each “skill” (knee hang, knee hang to back flip, knee hang to upside-down splits and the finale…knee hang to being caught by an instructor on the opposite trapeze!!).  Ok, I love “ME” for that part.

7. Because after a few post “momME-adventure” glasses of vino, I was (and still am) confident that the Big Apple Circus may come a-callin’ and  to be honest, I just might answer.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know your feedback.

Be Well,


Active Urban Mom

New York, NY


I am Active Urban Mom and I am giving “ME” time a make over!

Attention ALL Moms:

So, I know we all love our kids and enjoy, or maybe even live to, take care of them.  I know I do.  Whether it be taking our babies to yet another Music Together class, play dates, playgrounds, helping with homework if you have older kids, making meals, diapering, bathing, cuddling or at times, yelling (just being honest).  We should all feel very proud for all we do as Moms and we know that, easy to forget at times, but we do know it.  But we should also take time for ourselves and be proud of that too.

We have heard it all before, how important it is for moms take “ME” time.  Now that I am a mom, any “ME” time I have is taken up by running errands easier done w/o baby in tow, working out, trying to get my company of the ground or better yet; going to those doctor’ appointments I have been pushing off.  All necessary, but where is the fun…where’s the “ME”??

That said, here is my proposal and my commitment:  Go on at least 1 “momME-adventure” per month (in NYC or anywhere for that matter).  Go on more if possible, but let’s be realistic; we still need to get to the dentist at some piont.

When planning your “momME-adventures” be creative, do things that you maybe would have done pre-kids that you tell yourself you just should not do now that you are a mom.  Who says???  Or simply do something that is a little out of  your comfort zone.  Let’s get that feeling of freedom back without feeling the least bit guilty about it.  Let’s learn something new, that you do not learn from reading, “Your Child’s First Year”!  Let’s get a little crazy (w/o getting arrested)….I know it is in all of us!!

My first official “momME-adventure” is set for Wednesday, May 20th when I will be getting high!  No it is not what you think.  Two girlfriends and I are taking a trapeze flying lesson at the New York Trapeze School!!  I have wanted to try this for so long and am finally taking an evening to do it (followed by a couple cocktails I am sure).

I will have pictures to share and offer a full report after this “momMe-adventure” and plan to do the same for all others I go on.  I hope all of you will follow my experiences via CafeMom, give me your thoughts and questions.

Better yet, send me your ideas for potential “momME-adventures” and I will do my best to try as many as I can.  Are you on board?

Good luck (wish me luck), have fun and book your first ‘”momME-adventure” soon!