Mommy Mitten creates BUZZ @ the Baby Show NYC!

Wow!  What a weekend.  Mommy Mitten finally made its ‘live and in person’ debut and created quite a lot of buzz to boot.

I flew one of my best friend’s, Kelly (or as my 2 yr old calls her, KellyKelly), up from Florida to help me work the show.

DSC03937 My hubby drove me downtown to the venue bright and early on Saturday, while Kel stayed with B and fed her a hearty breakfast of a Kashi waffle and APPLESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How can a 2 year old be so demanding and persistent?  Oh yeah, she takes after me.  Anyway, I came up uptown to grab Kel and we took the Subway back downtown for a quick breakfast and then to our booth to finish setting up.   We were ready for the shoppers!  DSC03940

Of the  50 or so other vendors there were a few stand out’s for sure.  Props to our awesome booth neighbor, Jessica Kim who started, BubbaCo to sell her cute, creative and functional car seat covers.  Another company that created some sort of wrap for engorged breasts, deserves a mention for their creative pitch that I over heard, “stops em’ from floppin”.   I am not lying.   There was also a company called, Yummy DSC03941Mummy which  is offers all things boob related for the expectant and new mom.  Creative name,  but when I breastfed, I would not want to have been referred to as a “Yummy Mummy”.  Good concept nonetheless.  Regardless, these and all of the companies there are to be acknowledged for the hard work and effort I know all of them have put into getting to where they are.  I personally was excited that Mommy Mitten was recievd so well and seemed to create quite a lot of buzz!  Go us!DSC03957

Over the 2 days, we made a good amount of actual sales, yeah!!  So nice as a 2 year stay at home mom-preneur to finally bring in some “Benjamins”.  What may have been most rewarding however, was finally getting some immediate feedback and responses about Mommy Mitten.  Since I have been working on this venture, outside of friends and family, I had not had Mommy Mitten in front of all that many people.  So to have it validated and complimented like it was at the show, was awesome!DSC03948

Of course most who came to the show were moms-to-be, some with their moms and others who dragged their husbands along even on football Sunday!  Gotta love the power of a pregnant women!  There were these two ladies, true New Yorkers to say the least.  They walked up to our booth and saw the Mommy Mitten and said, “Oh yeah, because your hands get so f”ing cold.”    I am considering using that as our new tag line what do you think?    Bottom line, I absolutely loved talking to and meeting everyone.                                DSC03951DSC03947Additionally,  there was a good amount of Press at the show.   I am really excited about a handful whom I hope will produce some exciting write ups and features about Mommy Mitten in the coming months.  We even convinced the on-site cafe manager to allow the ‘food cart girl’ to strap a Mommy Mitten onto her cart while she made her rounds.  For that I have to give a huge shout out to Debatista herself (aka: food cart girl)!  Thanks babe!

All in all, the show was a success, Kelly was the perfect partner for the weekend and I am hopeful there is nothing but good things on the horizon for Mommy Mitten.    Now, I need a vacation (not happening).