Mommy Mitten to debut at The Baby Show NYC!

logowithsnowflakemockupExciting news!  Mommy Mitten will be making its New York City debut at The Baby Show NYC on October 3rd – 4th!  If you are planning to attend, I would love to hear from you and meet you at the event itself.

Also, look for the launch of the official Mommy Mitten website in a couple weeks (if not sooner)!

Thanks for your support!


Cirque du So Sore!

My latest  and 4th ‘momME-adventure’ took place on Wednesday at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (MMAC) on W. 60th between West End and Amsterdam.

The hints: Silk rope, high ceilings and form fitting clothes.

The guesses:  Some form of new yoga,  ballet and my personal favorite and possible future ‘momME-adventure’, stripping!!   All good guesses, but……

The answer:  Cirque du Soleil style Aerial Dance class!!  I have to admit, this was the most physically challenging and frustrating ‘momME-adventure’ yet.

The story:  Class was to start at 11:30 AM in Studio 2 of the MMAC.  Ariel Dance class - 1I made sure I got there in plenty of time so I could use the bathroom without walking in late (feel free to reference my first ‘momME-adventure’  Trapeze School experience).

While waiting in the hallway, there were a couple young girls with their moms next to me.  I assumed they were waiting to take the ballet class happening in the parallel studio.  I was wrong.  These young, graceful beauties were waiting to take the same Aerial Dance class I was.  Wait a minute…where were all the other daring thirty-somethings? Not here, that was for sure.  Hmmmm, this should be interesting.

Ariel Dance class - 2 When it was time, I entered the studio and there “it” was in all its glory.  By “it” I mean the flowing   blue silk curtain-like ropes hanging from the ceiling, a very high ceiling.  No time to rethink this one as we were immediately instructed by our teacher, Ivo, to stretch.  So stretch we did.  The young girls able to go into full splits, while I could only explain, “I used to be able to do that, honest.”   How was it that within 2 minutes of class I was already being one-uped by these girls who could not have been more then 13 years old.    Not to worry I told myself.   I was confident I would redeem myself once we took to the sky.

Before I go on, I feel I should describe our teacher, Ivo.  He was exactly how I envisioned an instructor of this acrobatic genre to be like.   He wasn’t a big guy, but he was very fit with a strong accent appropriate for a Cirque du Soleil acrobat turned instructor.   He demanded your attention without demanding it.  Well ok, he did demand it, but that’s what we paid for right?    Although he was stern with his instruction and seemingly annoyed at times, he was also charming and funny in his own way.  I even got him to laugh a little, even if it was because he was laughing at me and not with me.  Is he single you ask?  I’m not sure, but if I go back for more (which I just may have to), I will ask him and let all the single ladies reading this know.

Back to the story.  We continued to warm up by doing various hand stand positions and even cart wheels.  Piece of cake I thought as I was happy to be holding my own.    I mean these young girls didn’t know who they were dealing with.   Ha, ha the joke was on me.

After the warm up, Ivo kicked it up a notch and introduced us to the silk curtain.  I will attempt to creatively name and summarize each skill below.

1.  Silk Rope Shimmy (sorry no photo) – To pull oneself up a silk curtain using your arms while wrapping your right foot just so to obtain the most leverage possible while ensuring you can unwrap  and re-wrap it as you move further up the rope.   Not so easy and this was only the beginning.  Not sure about any of you, but anytime I shimmy up anything (which is daily…..ah never), I feel like I am going to pee myself from the straining.   Thankfully I didn’t and I made it to the top and repelled down successfully.

2.  Wrist Wrap to Upside down Sideways Back Bend (sorry no photo, thank god!)- To tightly wrap ones wrists and hands with silk curtains so one can flip oneself upside down only to allow ones body to contort in such a way that ones vertebrae would scream every four letter word in the book if they could.  Since my vertebrae do not have the verbal skills necessary to do this, I made sure I did it for them.  Sorry for the language girls, but what the #$%@!!!

3.    Low Hanging Splits to Opposite Low Hanging Splits (enjoy the photo) –   To wrap ones ankles, again, in a silk curtain, to support ones body weight as one willingly (or not) drops into a full split using ones arm strength to prohibit one from breaking in half.  Enough said.

Ariel Dance class - 3

4.  Fairy Takes Flight? (enjoy the photo) – To wrap ones arms in a silk curtain in such a way to support ones full body weight while trying to count five graceful steps in a flowing circle to then lift both legs, right leg in front and left in back;  while keeping your head and eyes facing the center resulting in a what should look like a fairy flying among whimsical creatures.    More like a drunk dyslexic Hobbit is what I must of looked like.  Ariel Dance class - 5

In summary, I did the best I could but Ivo and the youngsters kicked my ass.  By 1:00 PM when the class ended my arms were jelly.   I was proud that I made it through and tried everything, but the athlete in me was pissed that I did not do better.  I took this class as a one time drop-in but may just have to go back to redeem myself.  Not just for me, but for all other adventurous mommy thirty-somethings.  For now, I am convinced that curtains are meant for windows, not for recreational activity.

Oh….. I have to give a shout-out to one of the young girls in my class who snapped the few pictures I shared with you.  I wish there were more.  Actually no I don’t.